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India (Telangana) : feriados, fechamento de bancos, as férias escolares


India (Telangana) : calendário completo de feriados, fechamentos de bancos e bolsas de valores, as férias escolares, feiras, eventos culturais e esportivos, festivais, carnavais, eleição durante o bimestre em curso

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Name Data Tipo Mais
Inventário dos BancosSegunda-feira 2 Abril, 2018bancos apenas  
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Recesso do Parlamento (início)Quarta-feira 4 Abril, 2018eventos excepcionais 
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Aniversário de Ram de Vivian Barbosa*Sexta-feira 5 Abril, 2019Feriado secular 
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Férias de verão (começo)Sexta-feira 13 Abril, 2018férias escolares 
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Aniversário de Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar*Domingo 14 Abril, 2019Feriado secular 
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Férias de verão (fim)Sexta-feira 1 Junho, 2018férias escolares 
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Fim do Ramadã (pode ser transferido para o dia posterior mais próximo)*Sábado 16 Junho, 2018Muçulmana 
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Bonalu*Segunda-feira 6 Agosto, 2018Budista-Hinduista 
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Dia da Independência*Quarta-feira 15 Agosto, 2018Feriado Nacional 
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Eid-ul-Adha ou Grande Bairam ou Aid ou Tabaski ou Tabaski ou Id-Ul-Zuha (Bakrid) - (pode variar em um dia)Quarta-feira 22 Agosto, 2018Muçulmana 
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Sri Krishna Jayanthi (Janmashtami)*Segunda-feira 3 Setembro, 2018Budista-Hinduista 
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Ganesh Chaturthi**Quinta-feira 13 Setembro, 2018Budista-Hinduista 
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Ashura*Sexta-feira 21 Setembro, 2018Muçulmana 
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feriado da metade do trimestre (começo)Domingo 7 Outubro, 2018férias escolares 
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Mahalaya Amavasya*Segunda-feira 8 Outubro, 2018Feriado secular 
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Bathukamma*Sexta-feira 12 Outubro, 2018Cultura 
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Vijaya Dashami (Dasera) (clique para explicações)Quinta-feira 18 Outubro, 2018Budista-Hinduista 
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feriado da metade do trimestre (fim)Sexta-feira 19 Outubro, 2018férias escolares 
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Chehelom*Terça-feira 30 Outubro, 2018Muçulmana 
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Inventário dos Bancos -
Segunda-feira 2 Abril, 2018

bancos apenas :

Recesso do Parlamento (início) -
Quarta-feira 4 Abril, 2018

eventos excepcionais :

Aniversário de Ram de Vivian Barbosa -
Sexta-feira 5 Abril, 2019

Feriado secular : Known popularly as Babuji, he was a freedom fighter and a social reformer hailing from the scheduled castes of Bihar in India. He was from the Chamar caste and was a leader for his community. He was instrumental in foundation of the 'All-India Depressed Classes League', an organization dedicated to attaining equality for untouchables, in 1935 and was elected to Bihar Legislative Assembly in 1937, that is when he organized rural labour movement. [Wikipedia]

Férias de verão (começo) -
Sexta-feira 13 Abril, 2018

Férias escolares :

Aniversário de Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar -
Domingo 14 Abril, 2019

Feriado secular : This lawyer and politician drafted the constitution of India. Date is confirmed in 2018

Férias de verão (fim) -
Sexta-feira 1 Junho, 2018

Férias escolares :

Fim do Ramadã (pode ser transferido para o dia posterior mais próximo) -
Sábado 16 Junho, 2018

Muçulmana : Ends the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. There were 30 days of strict fasting from sunup to sundown in honor of the first revelation to the Prophet Mohammed.

Inventário dos Bancos -
Terça-feira 2 Julho, 2019

bancos apenas : Annual Closing of the Royal Bank of India (RBI)

Bonalu -
Segunda-feira 6 Agosto, 2018

Budista-Hinduista : Goddess Mahakali is worshiped. Bonalu is an annual festival of Telangana celebrated in Twin Cities Hyderabad, Secunderabad and other parts of Telangana, India. It is celebrated in the month of Ashada Masam, in July/August. Special poojas are performed for Yellamma on the first and last day of the festival. The festival is also considered a thanksgiving to the Goddess for fulfillment of vows.

Dia da Independência -
Quarta-feira 15 Agosto, 2018

Feriado secular : Commemorates the day in 1947 when India achieved freedom from British rule

Eid-ul-Adha ou Grande Bairam ou Aid ou Tabaski ou Tabaski ou Id-Ul-Zuha (Bakrid) - (pode variar em um dia) -
Quarta-feira 22 Agosto, 2018

Muçulmana :

Sri Krishna Jayanthi (Janmashtami) -
Segunda-feira 3 Setembro, 2018

Budista-Hinduista : Hindu celebration of the birthday of Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Krishna. Sweets, fruits and milk products are available in abundance. Sri or Shree: A prefix denoting auspiciousness

Ganesh Chaturthi -
Quinta-feira 13 Setembro, 2018

Budista-Hinduista : During ten days, Hindus must prepare the celebration at home: their house must be cleaned up and purified, in particular at the place where the Ganesh statue wil be put. Those who participate in the procession, end and highlight of this celebration... Traduction de la Fête : Nom de la fête : Ganesh Chaturthi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information : Pendant dix jours, les hindous doivent préparer la fête chez eux : leur maison do In this day, giant elephant idols are preceded by dancers and musicians.

Ashura -
Sexta-feira 21 Setembro, 2018

Muçulmana : Martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, killed in the year 680 in Kerbala (Iraq) during his fight against injustice

Feriado da metade do trimestre (começo) -
Domingo 7 Outubro, 2018

Férias escolares :

Mahalaya Amavasya -
Segunda-feira 8 Outubro, 2018

Feriado secular : This day of Pitr Paksha or Mahalaya Amavasya has great significance and importance for all Hindus in all parts of the world. It is the annual festival for worshipping and propitiating the spirits of our ancestors, with devout prayers for peace and spiritual tranquility. date confirmed in 2018

Bathukamma -
Sexta-feira 12 Outubro, 2018

Cultura : Floral festival celebrated by the Hindu women of Telangana

Vijaya Dashami (Dasera) (clique para explicações) -
Quinta-feira 18 Outubro, 2018

Budista-Hinduista :

Feriado da metade do trimestre (fim) -
Sexta-feira 19 Outubro, 2018

Férias escolares :

Chehelom -
Terça-feira 30 Outubro, 2018

Muçulmana : Arbayeen or Chehelom (Persian: چهلم‎ the fortieth [day] ), is a Shia Muslim religious observation, one of the largest pilgrimage gatherings on Earth, in which over 10 million people go to the city of Karbala in Iraq