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Name Data Tipo Mais
Annual Closing of Reserve Bank of IndiaQuarta-feira 1 Julho, 2020bancos apenas  
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Kharchi Puja*Segunda-feira 27 Julho, 2020Feriado secular 
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medidas de contenção (fim)Sexta-feira 31 Julho, 2020Feriado secular 
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Eid-ul-Adha ou Grande Bairam ou Aid ou Tabaski ou Tabaski ou Id-Ul-Zuha (Bakrid) - (pode variar em um dia)Sábado 1 Agosto, 2020Muçulmana 
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Ker Puja*Segunda-feira 10 Agosto, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Sri Krishna Jayanthi (Janmashtami)*Terça-feira 11 Agosto, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Dia da Independência*Sábado 15 Agosto, 2020Feriado Nacional 
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Ashura*Domingo 30 Agosto, 2020Muçulmana 
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Mahalaya Amavasya*Quinta-feira 17 Setembro, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Inventário dos BancosQuarta-feira 30 Setembro, 2020bancos apenas  
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Aniversário do Mahatma Gandhi*Sexta-feira 2 Outubro, 2020Feriado secular 
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Durga Puja (Saptami)*Sexta-feira 23 Outubro, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Mahanavami/Ayudha Puja*Sábado 24 Outubro, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Vijaya Dashami (Dasera) (clique para explicações)*Domingo 25 Outubro, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Vijaya Dashami (Dasera) (clique para explicações)*Segunda-feira 26 Outubro, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Lakhshmi Puja*Sexta-feira 30 Outubro, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Kumara Purnima*Sábado 31 Outubro, 2020Budista-Hinduista 
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Annual Closing of Reserve Bank of India -
Quarta-feira 1 Julho, 2020

bancos apenas :

Inventário dos Bancos -
Sexta-feira 2 Julho, 2021

bancos apenas : Annual Closing of the Royal Bank of India (RBI)

Kharchi Puja -
Segunda-feira 27 Julho, 2020

Feriado secular : The word Kharchi is derived from Khya meaning earth . Kharchi puja is the worship of earth that sustains mankind with all its resources. Among the rituals, sacrifice of goats and pigeons.

Medidas de contenção (fim) -
Sexta-feira 31 Julho, 2020

Feriado secular :

Eid-ul-Adha ou Grande Bairam ou Aid ou Tabaski ou Tabaski ou Id-Ul-Zuha (Bakrid) - (pode variar em um dia) -
Sábado 1 Agosto, 2020

Muçulmana :

Ker Puja -
Segunda-feira 10 Agosto, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : The celebration occurs two weeks after the Kharchi Puja to honor Ker, the guardian deity of Vastu Devata. It includes offerings, sacrifices, and a prescribed boundary which both safeguards people from calamities and saves people from external aggression. The puja was initiated by the Tripura rajas. Participation in the puja is required for the Halam tribe. For 2.5 days during the festival, entrances to the capital are closed, and participants, including the reigning sovereign, are not allowed to wear shoes, light a fire, dance, or sing. [Wikipedia]

Sri Krishna Jayanthi (Janmashtami) -
Terça-feira 11 Agosto, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : Hindu celebration of the birthday of Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Krishna. Sweets, fruits and milk products are available in abundance. Sri or Shree: A prefix denoting auspiciousness

Dia da Independência -
Sábado 15 Agosto, 2020

Feriado secular : Commemorates the day in 1947 when India achieved freedom from British rule

Ashura -
Domingo 30 Agosto, 2020

Muçulmana : Martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, killed in the year 680 in Kerbala (Iraq) during his fight against injustice

Mahalaya Amavasya -
Quinta-feira 17 Setembro, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : This day of Pitr Paksha or Mahalaya Amavasya has great significance and importance for all Hindus in all parts of the world. It is the annual festival for worshipping and propitiating the spirits of our ancestors, with devout prayers for peace and spiritual tranquility.

Inventário dos Bancos -
Quarta-feira 30 Setembro, 2020

bancos apenas :

Aniversário do Mahatma Gandhi -
Sexta-feira 2 Outubro, 2020

Feriado secular : Mahatma Gandhi nasceu em 02 de outubro de 1869 e teve um papel fundamental na independência da India do Grã Bretanha. Ele provou ao mundo que era possível atingir a liberdade através do caminho da não-violência.

Durga Puja (Saptami) -
Sexta-feira 23 Outubro, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : Seventh day of the Dashain festival. Fulpati, which means sacred flowers and leaves , is collected for three days from the jungle. The jamara (a six inch tall yellow grass) and kalash (holy vessel) to be used by the Royal Family are brought from the ancestral palace (the original royal palace used during Prithivi Narayan Shah's reign) in Gurkha in a three-day parade complete with military regiment and priests.

Mahanavami/Ayudha Puja -
Sábado 24 Outubro, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : An integral part of the Dasara festival (festival of triumph), a Hindu festival. It is also called Astra Puja . In simple terms, it means “Worship of Implements.

Vijaya Dashami (Dasera) (clique para explicações) -
Domingo 25 Outubro, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : The victory of Durga on evil forces, the destruction of Vasanas (subjectivity, selfishness, desires...) and the achievement of the deepest Self. Dominance of Saraswati (pure science) over Lakshmi (applied science)

Vijaya Dashami (Dasera) (clique para explicações) -
Segunda-feira 26 Outubro, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : La victoire de Durga, sur le Mal, la destruction des Vasanas (subjectivité, désirs...) et achèvement de son Moi profond. Prépondérance de Saraswati (la science pure) sur Lakshmi (les sciences appliquées) ASSAM, BIHAR, BENGALE: preceded by 3 holidays. DELHI, KARNATAK, KERALA, TAMILNADU, UTTAR PRADESH: preceded by 1 holiday. RAJASTHAN, MANIPUR, HIMACHAL PRADESH: 1 holiday 2 days before (ex. Thursday AND Saturday)

Lakhshmi Puja -
Sexta-feira 30 Outubro, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : The third day of the Tihar Festival of Lights is called Laxmi puja . This is the day when Nepalis worship the goddess of wealth. On this day, early in the morning the cow is worshipped. Tika is put on her head and a garland around her neck, and then she feasts with delicious food. A cow also symbolises wealth and she is the most holy animal for Hindus.

Kumara Purnima -
Sábado 31 Outubro, 2020

Budista-Hinduista : A harvest festival celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin (September to October), marking the end of the monsoon season. In Odisha, on this day unmarried women keep fast with the popular belief of getting their suitable groom(kumara). This festival starts with maidens welcoming the sun god just at sunrise with a coconut-leaf-made-vessel called 'kula' filled with fried paddy containing 7 fruits like coconut, banana, cucumber, betel nut, sugar-cane, guava followed by 'Aarti'. In the evening they break their fast by preparing a dish containing the fried paddy of the morning along with the fruits, curd, and jaggery to offer the moon god before the 'tulsi' plant. After this maidens play games and sing songs under the light of the full moon. [Wikipedia]