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Feriados e comemorações em todo o mundo

Reino-Unido (Irlanda do Norte) - feriados no mundo - 1970-2070


calendário repleto de feriados mundo (e bancos fecham dias), de 1970 até 2070 for Reino-Unido (Irlanda do Norte)

Domínio na internet: .uk - Código telefônico: +44 - Código de discagem internacional: 00
Moeda: Pound (GBP) ... Faça aqui a conversão!
Fim-de-semana: sábado e domingo

inglês (350 milhões de falantes em 47 países), gaélico (0,6 milhão de falantes), galês (0,6 milhão de falantes) ...
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Name Data Tipo Mais
Ano Novo, com exceção de**Terça-feira 1 Janeiro, 2019Feriado secular 
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Férias de Natal (fim)**Quarta-feira 2 Janeiro, 2019férias escolares 
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Noite do Robert Burn*Sexta-feira 25 Janeiro, 2019eventos, celebrações, festivais 
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Férias de Natal (começo)Sexta-feira 20 Dezembro, 2019férias escolares 
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Natal*Quarta-feira 25 Dezembro, 2019Católica ou Protestante 
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O dia seguinte ao Natal*Quinta-feira 26 Dezembro, 2019Feriado secular 
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Ano Novo, com exceção de -
Segunda-feira 1 Janeiro, 2018

Feriado secular : Not a paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Férias de Natal (fim) -
Terça-feira 2 Janeiro, 2018

Férias escolares : Www.education-ni.gov.uk
official calendar gazetted by the Education Department
all study programs are aligned with the requirements of the Bologna Process
Number of teaching days: 185

PISA ranking (average 493): 509 (among the 15 best WW)
Schooling is mandatory till age 18
number of instructional hours per year in lower secondary education: 700
schools close on Saturday
school uniforms required
These dates are officially confirmed till July 2018

Noite do Robert Burn -
Quinta-feira 25 Janeiro, 2018

Cultura : Burns Night or Burns Nicht or Burns supper is a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns(1759–1796), author of many Scots poems.

Férias de Natal (começo) -
Quarta-feira 20 Dezembro, 2017

Férias escolares :

Natal -
Segunda-feira 25 Dezembro, 2017

Católica ou Protestante : Since pre-historic times in Europe, festivities (bonfires, offrerings) were marking the beginning of longer hours of daylight with fires and ritual. The Roman festival of Saturnalia lasted several days in December (gambling and offerings). Germanic tribes also celebrated mid-winter (drinking and rituals). The Bulgarian (with Koleduvane) and the Polish (with Gwiazdka) perpetuate this tradition. Jesus of Nazareth was probably born in springtime (Reformists favour autumn). But in the 4th century, December 25th was chosen for the celebration of his birth by Pope Julius I (Bishop Liberus is also mentioned in 354 A.D.). Thus, a Christian element was introduced in the long-established mid-winter festivals. Before 1582, the Papal States and other Italian city states celebrated New Year’s Day on Christmas Day.

O dia seguinte ao Natal -
Terça-feira 26 Dezembro, 2017

Feriado secular : Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated on the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would traditionally receive gifts known as a Christmas box from their masters, employers or customers. Due to historical reasons, depending on the year, Boxing Day can be celebrated BEFORE Christmas in the UK. [Wikipedia]