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Feriados e comemorações em todo o mundo

Uruguai - feriados no mundo - 1970-2070


Calendário repleto de feriados mundo (e bancos fecham dias), de 1970 até 2070 for Uruguai

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Name Data Tipo Mais
Dia do Trabalhador*Sexta-feira 1 Maio, 2020Feriado secular 
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Festa das Mães*Quarta-feira 13 Maio, 2020Cartões/Flores 
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Batalha de Las Piedras*Quinta-feira 21 Maio, 2020bancos apenas  
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Aniversário de José Artigas*Sexta-feira 19 Junho, 2020Feriado secular 
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férias de inverno (começo)Segunda-feira 29 Junho, 2020férias escolares 
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Festa dos PaisQuarta-feira 8 Julho, 2020Cartões/Flores 
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férias de inverno (fim)Quinta-feira 9 Julho, 2020férias escolares 
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Proclamação da primeira Constituição*Sábado 18 Julho, 2020Feriado secular 
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Dia da Independência**Terça-feira 25 Agosto, 2020Feriado Nacional 
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Rosh Hashaná**Quinta-feira 10 Setembro, 2020Cartões/Flores 
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feriado da metade do trimestre (começo)Segunda-feira 14 Setembro, 2020férias escolares 
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feriado da metade do trimestre (fim)Quinta-feira 24 Setembro, 2020férias escolares 
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Dia da hispanidade (transferido para a segunda-feira anterior)*Quinta-feira 15 Outubro, 2020Feriado secular 
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Dia do Jornalista*Sexta-feira 23 Outubro, 2020eventos excepcionais 
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Dia de Todos os Santos (começo)*Segunda-feira 26 Outubro, 2020férias escolares 
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Festa dos Mortos (clique)*Segunda-feira 2 Novembro, 2020Católica 
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Dia de Todos os Santos (fim) (fim)*Quinta-feira 5 Novembro, 2020férias escolares 
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Hanukkah**Segunda-feira 30 Novembro, 2020Cartões/Flores 
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Dia do Trabalhador -
Quarta-feira 1 Maio, 2019

Feriado secular : Chicago, Saturday May 1st, 1886: 350,000 workers go on strike to call for an 8-hour working day. Industries are paralyzed nationwide. On Monday, as demonstrations go on, the police open fire. On Tuesday, Chicago is again on strike. Following a bomb launched against them, the police shoot again. 12 dead, of which 7 policemen. 8 anarchists will be condemned and executed. In 1889, the Socialist International Movement met in Paris and declared this day international workers' day . The Soviets will follow suit, just as the Nazis. In France, under the Vichy regime (1940-1944), the celebration is renamed Labour Day .

Festa das Mães -
Domingo 13 Maio, 2018

Cartões/Flores : Mother’s day has evolved in many countries in different ways. This is because mother’s day has different origins in different countries and therefore occurs on different days in the year. One school of thought claims that this day emerged from the custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Mother worship which kept a festival to Cybele, a great mother of gods, and Rhea, the wife of Cronus, was held on March 15 to March 18 around Asia Minor. They insist that this custom spread around the world. Mothering Sunday is the celebration of motherhood in the United Kingdom. It is also known as Mid-lent Sunday, Rose Sunday and Laetare Sunday. It originally comes from the Victorian practice of allowing servants to return home to visit their mothers on this day. In the United States, Julia Ward Howe (May 27, 1819 - October 17, 1910) was a prominent American abolitionist, social activist, and poet. Howe’s Battle Hymn of the Republic was first published in the Atlantic Monthly in 1862 and quickly became one of the most popular songs for the Union during the American Civil War. After the war she focused her activities on the causes of Pacifism and women’s suffrage. In 1870 she was the first to proclaim Mother’s Day, with her Mother’s Day Proclamation. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson approved Mother’s Day in 1914

Batalha de Las Piedras -
Segunda-feira 21 Maio, 2018

bancos apenas : Uruguai e Brazil terminaram a guerra em 1828

Aniversário de José Artigas -
Terça-feira 19 Junho, 2018

Feriado secular : In tribute to General José Gervasio Artigas, forefather of Uruguay, born in 1764

Férias de inverno (começo) -
Sexta-feira 29 Junho, 2018

Férias escolares :

Festa dos Pais -
Domingo 8 Julho, 2018

Cartões/Flores :

Férias de inverno (fim) -
Segunda-feira 9 Julho, 2018

Férias escolares :

Proclamação da primeira Constituição -
Quinta-feira 18 Julho, 2019

Feriado secular : Foi instituido um colegiado para governar o país após o auto-encerramento do Parlamento

Dia da Independência -
Sábado 25 Agosto, 2018

Feriado secular : Granted by Brazil in 1825 Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Rosh Hashaná -
Segunda-feira 10 Setembro, 2018

Cartões/Flores : Jewish New Year NOT a public holiday

Feriado da metade do trimestre (começo) -
Sexta-feira 14 Setembro, 2018

Férias escolares :

Feriado da metade do trimestre (fim) -
Segunda-feira 24 Setembro, 2018

Férias escolares :

Dia da hispanidade (transferido para a segunda-feira anterior) -
Segunda-feira 15 Outubro, 2018

Feriado secular : To commemorate the arrival of Columbus in Americas in 1492. It is also celebrated as the day of the Armed Forces in Spain.

Dia do Jornalista -
Terça-feira 23 Outubro, 2018

eventos excepcionais : Día de 1815 en el que José Artigas pidió al Cabildo de Montevideo que apoyara la publicación Prospecto Oriental , de Mateo Vidal, calificada por el prócer como herramienta fundamental , oficio en el que tamién reclamaba promover la libertad de prensa en la nación. El 3 de diciembre de 1990 se promulgó la ley 16.154, que oficializó el día de la celebración Wikipedia

Dia de Todos os Santos (começo) -
Sexta-feira 26 Outubro, 2018

Férias escolares :

Festa dos Mortos (clique) -
Sexta-feira 2 Novembro, 2018

Católica : This is an ancient festivity that has been much transformed through the years,but which was intended in prehispanic Mexico to celebrate children and the dead. This holiday is a time when Mexican families remember their dead and the continuity of life. The original celebration can be traced to the Aztec civilization, in the month of Miccailhuitontli, presided by the Lady of the Dead , goddess Mictecacihuatl and dedicated to children and the dead. This celebration is also observed in other countries in Latin América. Families visit the graves and engage in sprucing up the gravesite, decorating it with flowers, setting out and eating a festive picnic.

Dia de Todos os Santos (fim) (fim) -
Segunda-feira 5 Novembro, 2018

Férias escolares :

Hanukkah -
Sexta-feira 30 Novembro, 2018

Cartões/Flores : Commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the Maccabean Revolt (2nd century BC) NOT a public holiday