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Feriados e comemorações em todo o mundo

Jainismo : festas religiosas

Jainismo : calendário de festivais e celebrações religiosas de todo o mundo durante o bimestre em curso

Name Data Tipo Mais
Beh Dienkhlam*Quarta-feira 3 Julho, 2019Jainismo 
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Tripuri Purnima*Segunda-feira 4 Novembro, 2019Jainismo 
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Beh Dienkhlam -
Quarta-feira 3 Julho, 2019

Jainismo : The most important festival of the Jaintias and is celebrated after the sowing is over. Khlam means ‘Plague or Pestilence’ and Beh Dien means to drive away with sticks. It is very popular and colourful festivals of the Jaintias where men only, young and old, take part in the dancing to the tune of drums and flute. Women do not take part in the dancing, but had an important role to play at home in offering sacrificial food to the spirits of the ancestors. They invoke their aid and intercession, so that life here below will be good and worthy for the next one above. Men go round the town and beat the roof of every house with bamboo poles calling upon the plague demon to leave the house. This is done early on the first day of the festival. The climax of the celebrations is the tussle, as seen in a tug of war, for a large undressed beam by two groups people opposed to each other. This festival is also an invocation to God, seeking His blessing for good harvest. []

Tripuri Purnima -
Domingo 4 Novembro, 2018

Jainismo : Derives its name from Tripurari - the foe of the demon Tripurasura. In some legends of Kartik Purnima, the term is used to denote the three demon sons of Tārakāsura. Tripurari is an epithet of god Shiva. Shiva in his form as Tripurantaka ( Killer of Tripurasura ) killed Tripurasura on this day. Tripurasura had conquered the whole world and defeated the gods and also created three cities in space, together called Tripura . The killing of the demon(s) and destruction of his/their cities with a single arrow - by Shiva overjoyed the gods and they declared the day as a festival of illuminations. This day is also called Dev-Diwali —the Diwali of the gods. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. [Wikipedia]