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Canadá (Manitoba) : calendário completo de feriados, fechamentos de bancos e bolsas de valores, as férias escolares, feiras, eventos culturais e esportivos, festivais, carnavais, eleição para os próximos 3 meses

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  • Fim-de-semana: sábado e domingo
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    Segunda-feira 1 janeiro, 2024Férias de inverno (fim)férias escolares
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    Segunda-feira 1 janeiro, 2024Ano NovoFeriado secular
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    Segunda-feira 19 fevereiro, 2024Festa de Louis RielFeriado secular
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    Sexta-feira 22 março, 2024Férias da primavera (começo)férias escolares
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    Sexta-feira 29 março, 2024Sexta-feira SantaCatólica ou Protestante
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    Segunda-feira 1 abril, 2024Férias da primavera (fim)férias escolares
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    Segunda-feira 20 maio, 2024Festa da RainhaFeriado secular
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    Férias de inverno (fim)

    Segunda-feira 1 janeiro, 2024
    Férias escolares : Www.edu.gov.mb.ca
    calendar issued by the Ministry of Education
    PISA ranking (average 493): 528 (among the 10 best WW)
    Schooling is mandatory till age 18
    number of instructional days per year in lower secondary education: 183-186
    schools close on Saturday
    school uniforms mostly required
    University of Manitoba ranking: Times Higher Education #401-500/QS ranking #551-600/Shanghai #401-500

    We carry confirmed dates till July 2024 (except Easter holidays 2024)

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    Ano Novo

    Segunda-feira 1 janeiro, 2024
    Feriado secular : O feriado mais celebrado do mundo. Júlio Cesar estabeleceu o 1ºde janeiro para comemorar o novo ano por ser o dia em que os consules romanos assumiam os seus cargos. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

    Festa de Louis Riel

    Segunda-feira 19 fevereiro, 2024
    Feriado secular : Riel was the undisputed spiritual and political head of the short-lived 1885 Rebellion. He never carried arms and hindered the work of his military head, Gabriel Dumont. Riel was increasingly influenced by his belief that he was chosen to lead the Métis people. On May 15, shortly after the fall of Batoche, Riel surrendered to Canadian forces and was taken to Regina to stand trial for treason. At his trial, Riel gave two long speeches which demonstrated his powerful rhetorical abilities. He personally rejected attempts by his defence counsel to prove he was not guilty by reason of insanity. On 1 August 1885, a jury of six English-speaking Protestants found Riel guilty but recommended mercy. Judge Hugh Richardson sentenced him to death. Attempted appeals were dismissed and a special re-examination of Riel's mental state by government appointed doctors found him sane. He was hanged in Regina on 16 November, 1885. His execution was widely opposed in Quebec and had lasting political ramifications.

    Férias da primavera (começo)

    Sexta-feira 22 março, 2024
    Férias escolares : in Alberta, Edmonton only

    Sexta-feira Santa

    Sexta-feira 29 março, 2024
    Católica ou Protestante :

    Férias da primavera (fim)

    Segunda-feira 1 abril, 2024
    Férias escolares :

    Festa da Rainha

    Segunda-feira 20 maio, 2024
    Feriado secular : In tribute to Queen Victoria's birth in 1819